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The Quake Dance is a fusion dance in Shantae and the Seven Sirens.


After rescuing Harmony, she will reward Shantae by sharing her power with her.

In Game Description

Shake things up by calling forth powerful tremors! This dance deals heavy damage, and can even alter your surroundings...


The Quake Dance can shift the Earth, revealing hidden passageways and treasures. It also deals significant damage to enemies.


  • The following Monster Cards affect the Quake Dance:
    • Scorpman: The Quake Dance does more damage to foes!
    • Siren Soldier: The Quake Dance consumes less magic when used!
  • The following achievements involve use of the Quake Dance:
    • Hidden Treasure: Unearth a buried treasure.
    • Slime Time: Witness every magical outcome with Slimes.
    • Dangerous Dances: Learn all magical dances.