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The Refresh Dance is a fusion dance that appears in Shantae and the Seven Sirens. It is represented by a woman who has vines for hair. She also has her legs replaced by a long brown vine-like tail.


After rescuing Vera, she will reward Shantae by sharing her power with her.

In Game Description

The power of nature can revive the weary and heal the sick - and restore Empty Hearts in the process!


  • Recovers 2 Hearts
  • Makes plants in environment bloom
  • Reverses petrification of enemy statues
  • Heals water that has been poisoned so that the player can swim in it without taking damage
  • Rejuvenates npcs who are sleepy or tired
  • Resurrects mummified enemies to human form
  • Damages undead enemies


  • The following Monster Cards affect the Refresh Dance:
    • Rag and Bones: The Refresh Dance restores more Empty Hearts than before!
    • Spectre: The Refresh Dance does more damage to sickly or undead foes!
    • Sickly Silverfish: The Refresh Dance consumes less magic when used!
  • The following achievements involve use of the Refresh Dance:
    • Sheer Perfection?: Revitalize cellular functions.
    • Refreshing Rewards: Turn an enemy into an ally by helping them heal.
    • Slime Time: Witness every magical outcome with Slimes.
    • Dangerous Dances: Learn all magical dances.
  • After the "Spectacular Superstar" update, using this dance near Rottytops will result in her resuming her human form for a few moments, before reverting back to her usual zombie self.