Risky Boots, Queen of the Seven Seas, has her own iconic signature. Wearing nothing but pantloons of her own but with one major difference is her upper attire is a signature to that of a skull. 
She wields not only a pistol but also a cutlass for close combat strikes. 

Risky's Outfits

  • Seven Sirens
  • Half Genie Hero DLC
  • Pirate's Curse
  • Risky Revenge
  • Shantae

The main attire she wears is similar to a pantaloon but in order to compete against the bedlah, this is more in par with the wardrobe known as a "gallyhosen ( with thin breeches )".  The signature skull attire can be seen from her chest piece and her waistline.
Her wrist cuffs also give a significant balance to counter her enemie's iconic sleeves (up until the Pirate's Curse where the sleeves were removed in favor of larger wristguards).
She also wears two types of headwear, a bandana with flowing fabric that stretches outward and her pirate hat.


Genie Risky boots (violet)


Risky dressed in a violet garment with hints of red trims to become similar to Shantae's bedlah attire.

After Shantae cleared all the temple runs and obtained all of the mystic relics, she immediately reverted back to her old attire, tricking her, and taking all the relics for herself.

Snake Princess Attire

Risky boots space princess vector pirates curse by steriotypicalwolf-d9c8ueu

Risky, (being impatient as always) waited far too long for Shantae to come back so she too decided to check the Tan Line temple, however, upon arriving, one of the members mistook her for a Princess and was forced to be locked up. 

Risky, despite seeming to enjoy the place temporarily, it soon appeared that she dislikes being locked up for their own amusement.

21a23c0f00ba3464022ce2d9b4915d67 original
A black and red pallet swap of Risky's outfit in Half-Genie Hero based on her sprite in the original Shantae game. An exclusive costume for those who backed the kickstarter and is also bundled in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate edition.


  • She is the second character to have the least amount of changes from her wardrobe.
  • The hat she wears resembles that of a Directoire hat syle. 
  • Even though her blade looks like a scimitar, it is actually called a cutlass because of its handguard.
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