Scarecrows are a recurring and recognizable enemy within the Shantae series. They appear exclusively in field areas and are one of the first enemies to be faced.


Scarecrows wear a straw hat with a purple line. They are also covered with straw on their neck and limbs. Their eyes are green and luminous. Their skin seems to be black and they have a green shirt and black pants. They also use purple gloves and shoes.

In the second version, their line on the hat, gloves and shoes are all brown. Their straw accents are now colored in electric blue. The eyes, shirt and pants are of a purple color.



In the first game scarecrows appear in the fields area and attack by walking to where Shantae is. They take two hits normally but three hits when it becomes nighttime.

Shantae: Risky's Revenge

Scarecrows appear again in field areas and at the light house in the opening sequence. They also gain two new versions of itself. One looks like a normal scarecrow but stays stationary and lobs explosive pumpkins at the player. The second form is distinguishable by its dark blue clothing and hat, this version is similar to the original however this one can fire a poison cloud at the player.

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

All three versions reappear in this game, once again in the same areas, and function the same as their RR counterparts. Each version takes ten units of damage (meaning you only need two hair whips to defeat them) and deal one unit of health (or a quarter heart) on contact or when hit by a projectile.


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