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Part of Scuttle Town in Shantae.

Scuttle Town (briefly known as Ammo Town in Risky's Revenge and The Pirate's Curse) is a fishing port town. Shantae is the 'Guardian Genie' (actually only a half-genie) of the town and is responsible for its protection. The town is run by Mayor Scuttlebutt. Mimic lives here when he isn't out adventuring - he is first seen when his workshop is destroyed and then hangs out on a dock during the course of Shantae. By the time of Risky's Revenge, he owns a new workshop. It is also home to Shantae's friends Sky and Bolo as of Risky's Revenge. Scuttle Town has an Arabian architectural style.

In addition to being a hub town, Scuttle Town is the first level of Shantae, The Pirate's Curse, and Half-Genie Hero.

In Risky's Revenge, Scuttlebutt is forced to sell the town to the Ammo Baron in order to save it from financial collapse. Shantae delivers the town deed, and the Baron renames it to Ammo Town. At the end of the game, Mayor Scuttlebutt says he is going to get the town back.

In The Pirate's Curse, however, the Ammo Baron still owns the town, as it turns out that Scuttlebutt spent the money from selling it on cheap, waxy chocolates that he's already eaten. The Ammo Baron fortifies his legally-owned town into a military fortress over the course of Pirate's Curse. During the game's good ending, Shantae uses her restored genie powers to remove all of the military additions and, frightened by her powers, Ammo Baron leaves the town with his army in a hurry. After this, the mayor gives Shantae her Guardian Genie position back and Ammo Town is renamed back to Scuttle Town.

In Half-Genie Hero, Scuttle Town serves as the main hub for Shantae's adventure. She returns to town after completing each level. NPCs will generally offer hints depending on where she is in her quest, or point her in the right direction with quests of their own.


According to Matt Bozon's interview for the Shantae Wiki, Scuttle Town's shoreline is made of two coves: a small one where the town used to be in the past, and a larger one where Scuttle Town sits now. Shantae's Lighthouse is the last remnant from the old town, and from there she has a long view of the town.[1]

Noteworthy places in Shantae

  • Mimic's Dock - Where Mimic lives. See him for advice on where to go next.
  • Item Shop - Where Shantae can buy various items.
  • Bath House - Where Shantae recharges her health.
  • Save Room - Where you can save your game.
  • Warp Squid Hut - Bring four Baby Warp Squids here to learn a dance that teleports Shantae to this town.

Contents of the Item Shop in Shantae

Img Item Name Cost Description
Shantae GBC - sprite - vial1.gif Small Vial 50 Restores a few Hearts.
Shantae GBC - sprite - vial2.gif Medium Vial 75 Restores several Hearts.
Shantae GBC - sprite - vial3.gif Large Vial 100 Restores all Hearts.
Shantae GBC - sprite - vanishingcreme.gif Vanish Cream 30 Lets you walk past enemies!
Shantae GBC - sprite - stormpuff.gif Storm Puffs (20) 25 Tricky to use, but extremely powerful.
Shantae GBC - sprite - pikeball.gif Pike Balls (10) 25 These mines spin around your body and damage enemies if they touch them, for limited time.

Noteworthy places in Risky's Revenge

  • Relic Hunter Expo Hall - Situated at the back of the town, just before the sea. Where Mimic first showcases the Magic Lamp before Risky Boots steals it. Afterwards, Mimic and Bolo can be met here for advice.
  • Save Room - Where the Save Guy can save your game.
  • Sky's Place - A somewhat empty room where Sky seems to be residing at this point. She can be met there for advice.
  • Item Shop - Where Shantae can buy items.
  • Import Room - Shantae can receive a number of rewards in-game here according to the status of other contemporaneous WayForward games on the system.

Contents of the Item Shop in Risky's Revenge

Img Item Name Cost Description
Potion 10gems Magic Potion for restoring health.
Potion (3) 25gems A potion 3 pack that's easy on the wallet!
Magic Vial 15gems Enchanted Vial that refills your Magic Meter.
Magic Vial (3) 40gems Vial 3 pack! More magic for the price of less
Fireball 30gems Use fireballs to BBQ your enemies!
Spitfire 50gems 1jams Use fireballs to BBQ your enemies!
Flamethrower 300gems 2jams Flamethrower: kids love it!
Pike Ball 50gems Spin a deadly Pike Ball around your bad self
Super Pike Ball 150gems 1jams Two deadly orbs of destruction!
Mega Pike Ball 300gems 2jams Three spheres of ultimate suffering
Storm Puff 50gems An unwieldy cloud with an electric personality
Crush Puff 125gems 1jams Misty exterior hides explosive passion
Mega Puff 250gems 2jams Persistent Damage with maximum range
Attract Magic 100gems 1jams Attracts dropped items like a magnet
Magic Fill 150gems 1jams Your Magic Meter refills automatically
Silky Creme 200gems 3jams Repairs split ends for faster whipping
Super Silky Creme 300gems 3jams Smooths and shapes for max hair power!
Sequin Land Map 20gems The official map of Sequin Land!

Noteworthy places in The Pirate's Curse

  • Item Shop - Where Shantae can buy various items. Also features an arcade machine where Shantae NAB! can be played in some versions of the game.
  • Bath House - Where Shantae recharges her health.
  • Save Room - Where you can save your game.
  • Squidsmith - Exchange four Heart Squids for one extra heart of health.
  • Sky's Hatchery - Sky can be found here.
  • Mimic's Workshop - Mimic can be found here.
  • Risky's Ship - Risky Boots can be found here.

Contents of the Item Shop in The Pirate's Curse

Img Item Name Cost Description
Potion 10 Magic potion for restoring health.
Potion (x3) 25 Buy in bulk and save!
Auto-Potion 50 This enhanced concoction refills your health auto-magically.
Auto-Potion (x3) 120 Buy in bulk and save!
Pirate Flare 30 Warp to the ship instantly! For outdoor use only.
Pirate Flare (x3) 80 Buy in bulk and save!
Pike Ball 20 Protect yourself with a twirling metal ball of pain.
Pike Ball (x3) 50 Buy in bulk and save!
Super Pike Ball 40 Triple balls deal major damage.
Super Pike Ball (x3) 100 Buy in bulk and save!
Bubble 25 Your best defense against projectiles.
Bubble (x3) 60 Buy in bulk and save!
Monster Milk 50 Boost your attack strength! Full of what might be enzymes!
Monster Milk (x3) 130 Buy in bulk and save!
Super Monster Milk 75 Take your attacks to the max with this powerful beverage!
Super Monster Milk (x3) 200 Buy in bulk and save!
Shampoo 50, 150, 300 Upgrade your hair to deal more damage!
Silky Cream 50, 150, 300 Upgrade your hair for faster whipping!
Pistol Tune-Up 100, 150, 200 Upgrade your pistol to deal more damage!
Scimitar Polish 200 Greatly increase your down-thrust damage!
Learn Backdash 100 An advanced Fighter's Move! Quickly evade your attacker.
Learn Recover 160 An advanced Fighter's Move! Backflip to recover from a heavy hit.
Learn Power Kick 400 An advanced Fighter's Move! A powerful offensive attack.

Heart Squids (Pirate's Curse)

  • The first one you'll probably see is the one inside the Squidsmith's place. Nothing is required to get it.
  • There's one to the left of Shantae's lighthouse.
  • There's one that you'll see in the Lilac Fields but can't get unless you have Risky's Hat .
  • There's one in the Forest, located in the top of a tree with several branches. You can use the Cannon to get there or run with Risky's boots from a nearby tree branch to gain speed, jump and fly with Risky's Hat to the top of the tree where the Heart Squid is.
  • There's one in Ye Royal Sewers, you just have to walk through the wall and jump to get it.



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