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The Seven Sirens are a group of enigmatic Sirens and are secretly the rulers of Paradise Island, residing underground, and are responsible for the kidnapping of the Half-Genies during the Half-Genie Festival. They (except the Lobster Siren, who defected from their group and betrayed them before the game started) are the eponymous main antagonists in Shantae and the Seven Sirens. Six of them were defeated by Shantae, while the Lobster Siren was last seen bidding farewell to her.


The Seven Sirens tend to have humanoid designs. They rarely have legs. Only their leader (the Empress Siren) and the Lobster Siren (and, if you count her mech, the Coral Siren) have legs, while the rest of them (including the Coral Siren herself) do have a humanoid upper body but are merfolk to some extent, melded with an animal (or plant in the case of Water Lily) of some kind.

The sirens tend to have something that references their name in their design. Their leader, the Empress Siren, and the Coral Siren are the exceptions, because their names do not reference the living organisms they resemble. Instead, the former's name is a reference to how she is their leader, while the latter is presumably named after the Coral Mines due to her seahorse tail.

They are mostly Lawful Evil, but the rulebreaker is their rogue member, the Lobster Siren, who seems to be Chaotic Good. The Octo, Angler, Tubeworm, Coral and Water Lily Sirens also seem to be Chaotic Good, as seen in one of the win screens, meaning Empress is exclusively Lawful Evil.




Official Artwork


  • Judging by how big their battle sprites are, the sirens seem to have the following size rankings:
    • Largest: Empress Siren (final phase)
    • Second: Tubeworm Siren
    • Third: Tie
      • Octo Siren
      • Coral Siren (outside of her mech in one cutscene)
    • Fourth: Coral Siren (inside of her mech)
    • Fifth: Tie
      • Empress Siren (normal form)
      • Water Lily Siren
    • Sixth: Tie
      • Angler Fish Siren
      • Lobster Siren
  • Previously, when the game was initially released for Apple Arcade, the six fightable sirens had no cutscenes before their respective battles, leaving a few fans to think the Coral Siren would've been the only male, one-eyed mech of the Seven Sirens.
    • However, artwork of the Coral Siren shows that she is, in fact, a human-like siren controlling said mech.
      • In addition, when the game was officially released on Nintendo Switch and other platforms on May 28, 2020, the sirens were each given pre-battle cutscenes, with the Coral Siren's pre-battle scene even revealing her true form: a tan-skinned, light-blue-eyed humanoid girl with purple hair, a crop-top the same color as her hair with a little yellow star on it that exposes her midriff, and even glasses. Her shell helmet (which could be where she got her name) is a light-blue color and even appears to act as a single, functional eye (which is yellow in color on one of the win screens) when she brings it down in front of her real eyes. However, it should be noted that only her top half was shown once in said cutscene and again on the win screen with her and her fellow sirens, and it is unknown if she even has a bottom half, though a light-brown belt with silver decoration seems to confirm that she does.
  • It is currently unknown on what else happened to Lobster Siren (other than following Shantae around, of course), since she is no longer a member of the Seven Sirens. However, she most likely ended up minding her own business while letting Shantae enjoy the rest of her vacation.
  • The speedrun end screen for the game has the Lobster, Octo, Angler Fish, Tubeworm, Coral (top half only) and Water Lily playing at the beach, which implied that the latter five most likely regenerated and reformed shortly after, while only Empress, alongside Coral's mech and Octo's squid, has been completely destroyed.
    • It is unknown if Coral's mech and Octo's squid were destroyed in battle or they decided not to use them when not in battle.
  • The Empress, Angler Fish and Coral Sirens are the only ones who have been shown to talk. However, the former says full sentences and even interacts with Shantae, while the latter two occasionally utter random lines while fighting Shantae.
    • Even though the Lobster Siren also interacts with Shantae, she does this via squeaking noises, and the occasional "kewl!".

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