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The Seven Sirens are a group of enigmatic Sirens and are secretly the rulers of Paradise Island, residing underground, and are responsible for the kidnapping of the Half-Genies during the Half-Genie Festival, and are the eponymous main antagonists in Shantae and the Seven Sirens. Six of them were defeated by Shantae, while the Lobster Siren was last seen bidding farewell to her.


The Seven Sirens tend to have humanoid upper bodies but are merfolk to some extent, melded with an animal (or plant in the case of Water Lily) of some kind. While most of them are purely aquatic, the Empress Siren and the Lobster Siren both have legs. The Coral Siren's mech has legs to aid her mobility as well.

The sirens tend to have something that references their name in their design. Their leader, the Empress Siren, and the Coral Siren are the exceptions, because their names do not reference the living organisms they resemble. Instead, the former's name is a reference to her leadership, while the latter is presumably named after the Coral Mines.



A long time ago, the Sirens had full rule over Siren Island, luring ships to their doom and weilding firepower strong enough to blow up whole islands. A genie put a stop to their reign of terror at the cost of her own life, sealing them away in the deepest parts of the island and depriving the Empress of her physical form, as well as her ability to drain the life of others.

Some time later, Risky Boots found the island. She sought to claim the Siren's airship as her own, and struck a deal with the Empress - to bring her five Half-Genies to drain the life from in order to restore her to her former glory. Siren Island was renamed to Paradise Island, and Arena Town was chosen as the ultimate tourist destination for unsuspecting festival-goers and Half-Genies.

The Half-Genie festival was announced. Shantae, "Fillin", Harmony, Plink, Vera, and Zapple all attended, eager to show off their abilities, but all except Shantae were kidnapped effortlessly thanks to the Lobster Siren's power of teleportation.

Unwilling to sit by idly, Shantae descended into the Sunken City. She freed her fellow half-genies and defeated the Sirens, and ultimately ended up thwarting the Empress and destroying the Flying Fortress.


Official Artwork

A win screen featuring the Seven Sirens playing volleyball. (Excluding the Empress Siren)


  • In order from largest to smallest, the Sirens rank as follows:
    • Largest: Empress Siren (final phase)
    • Second: Tubeworm Siren
    • Third: Octo Siren
    • Fourth: Coral Siren (when inside of her mech)
    • Fifth: Tie
      • Empress Siren (normal form)
      • Water Lily Siren
    • Sixth: Tie
      • Angler Fish Siren
      • Lobster Siren
  • Previously, when the game was initially released for Apple Arcade, the six fightable sirens had no cutscenes before their respective battles. This changed with the full release of the game on May 28, 2020.
  • The Coral Siren's appearance inside her mech was up for debate for quite some time, before it was revealed on Twitter in full.
  • The speedrun end screen for the game has the Lobster, Octo, Angler Fish, Tubeworm, Coral (mech-less) and Water Lily playing at the beach, which implies that the latter five most likely recovered and reformed shortly after. The Empress Siren, however, is nowhere to be found. Whether she's been killed off for good or simply refused to reform remains to be seen.
  • Originally, The Empress, Angler Fish and Coral Sirens were the only Sirens who spoke to Shantae (albeit only through battle cries in the case of the later two). This was changed in the Spectacular Superstar update, which gave every Siren pre-battle dialogue.
    • The Lobster Siren is unique in that her dialogue is never shown in full - only as a series of elipses accompanied by in-game squeaking.
  • The Art of Shantae revealed that the Water Lily Siren was designed before Wayforward had a solid idea for the direction of the rest of the Siren's appearances. However, they didn't want the design to go unused, which is why she doesn't fit in with the sea creature theme.