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The Seven Sirens are a group of enigmatic Sirens and are secretly the rulers of Siren Island, residing underground, and are responsible for the kidnapping of the half-genies. They are the eponymous main antagonists in Shantae and the Seven Sirens. They (except the Lobster Siren, who defected from their group and betrayed them before the game started.) were defeated by Shantae, as soon vanished in the thin air.


The Seven Sirens tend to have humanoid designs. They rarely have legs. Only their leader, Lobster Siren and the Coral Siren have legs, while the rest of them do have a humanoid upper body but are merfolk to some extent, melded with an animal or plant of some kind.

The sirens tend to have something that references their name in their design. Their leader, the Empress Siren, is the exception, because her name does not reference living organisms, but rather how she is their leader.

They are mostly Lawful Evil, but the rulebreaker is their rogue member, the Lobster Siren, who seems to be Chaotic Good.




Official Artwork


  • Judging by how big their battle sprites are, the Sirens seem to have the following size rankings:
    • Largest: Empress Siren (final phase)
    • Second: Tubeworm Siren
    • Third: Octo Siren
    • Fourth: Coral Siren
    • Fifth: Tie
      • Empress Siren (normal form)
      • Water Lily Siren
    • Seventh: Tie
      • Angler Fish Siren
      • Lobster Siren
  • The sirens are likely based off of the Seven Deadly Sins due to there are seven of them and each of them display a sinful personality
    • Water Lily Siren: Pride
    • Coral Siren: Envy
    • Tubeworm Siren: Gluttony
    • Angler Fish Siren: Wrath
    • Octo Siren: Sloth
    • Lobster Siren: Lust
    • Empress Siren: Greed

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