Shannon Hatakeda.

Shannon Hatakeda is a project manager. She was a production assistant on both the Nintendo DS and iOS versions of Shantae: Risky's Revenge and provided unspecified contributions to Shantae and the Pirate's Curse.


Shannon Hatakeda studied at the College of the Siskiyous from 2005 to 2007, and then at California State University, Northridge from 2007 to 2009, and graduated with a bachelor of arts in Cinema and Television Arts, Multimedia.[1]


She has worked on a few projects from WayForward since 2009, including Shantae: Risky's Revenge in 2010 as a production assistant on both the DS and iOS versions and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse in unknown proportion.[2] She left WayForward to join Yacht Club Games as operations manager in February 2015.[1]


This is a list of projects Shannon Hatakeda was involved in according to Metacritic and Mobygames.[3][2]


  • Mighty Flip Champs! - production assistant (2009)
  • Batman: The Brave and The Bold - The Videogame - production assistant (2010)
  • Galactic Taz Ball - production assistant (2010)
  • Shantae: Risky's Revenge - production assistant, iOS production assistant (2010)
  • Centipede: Infestation - production assistant (2011)
  • Mighty Milky Way - production assistant (2011)
  • Thor: God of Thunder - production assistant (2011)
  • BloodRayne: Betrayal - production assistant (2011)
  • Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark - producer (2014)


  • Mighty Switch Force! - project manager (2011)
  • Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition - project manager (2012)
  • Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! - project manager (2012)
  • Silent Hill: Book of Memories - localization manager (2012)
  • Mighty Switch Force! 2 - 3DS project manager (2013)

Quality assurance

  • A Boy and His Blob - QA tester (2009)

Unspecified contributions


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