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Shantae's mother is mentioned as a character, but is never actually seen. All that is known of her is that she was a Guardian Genie who fell in love with a human man and gave birth to Shantae as a result.

Almost nothing is known about Shantae's mother other than that she is believed to be dead or otherwise, according to Mimic, sealed in the Genie Realm. It can be inferred that neither of Shantae's parents are from Scuttle Town as the residents (with the exception of Mimic, who has known Shantae for longer than she's lived in Scuttle Town) were initially unaware of her mixed lineage. One of the few known things about her is that Shantae has not inherited her hair whipping ability from her mother, as Shantae is able to do this even when her magical half is gone.

Mimic mentions at the beginning of Risky's Revenge that Shantae's mother made him promise not to tell anyone about the Magic Lamp and its powers, which caused a lot of trouble back in her day. He also adds at the end of the game that he let her and everyone else down because of his foolishness after Shantae's genie magic is stolen by the lamp, thus breaking his promise to her mother.

In the climax of The Pirate's Curse, the Pirate Master recognizes Shantae as being descended from one of the genies that imprisoned him and taunts her by boasting about all the genies that gave their lives to stop him. This only makes Shantae angrier as she blames him for denying her the chance to know her family. In the ending, Mimic assures Shantae that her mother is in fact still alive, and that she will meet her one day. A hint was given about her appearance when Risky Boots told Shantae that she was just like her mother but shorter.

Shantae's mother is referenced once again in Half-Genie Hero. It is revealed that she is indeed still alive and continues to watch over her daughter.

In Seven Sirens one of the other half-genies, Harmony, reveals that she has a scrapbook full of advice and information from every half-genie's mother, including Shantae's. She gives this scrapbook to Shantae at the end of Seven Sirens, but so far the contents of the book have not been revealed.


Matt Bozon apparently has yet to make any definite plans for Shantae's parents; in an interview he revealed that the storyline for Half-Genie Hero would touch a bit on the matter but that it would remain in large part a mystery as this is an important motivator for who Shantae is. He stated further that Shantae's mother would probably be developed as a character, if it happens, before her father.[1]


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