General advice

The game isn't as difficult from the getgo as it's predecessor, and initially your ability to explore is limited, making where to go next rather easy to figure out. That said, here are some mostly-obvious tips:

  • Your first purchase should be the map.
  • Grab a bunch of potions as well. They're cheap.
  • There are no lives or checkpoints - if you die, you will be taken back to the last time you saved. So, when you see the Save Guy hanging out in a dungeon, it's probably a good idea to save. Just in case. Nothing worse than completing a dungeon, getting beaten by a boss, and then realizing you'll have to do the entire dungeon over again because you were too lazy to save your game.

More specific information

What is the Import Room for?

The Import Room is a place in Risky's Revenge where the player can receive gems based on the status of other WayForward Technologies games on their system. The rewards are as follows:
Reward How to Unlock
100Icons gem Own Flip Champs!
100Icons gem Own Milky Way
200Icons gem Beat Flip Champs!
200Icons gem Beat Milky Way
300Icons gem Get "S" rank on all levels in Flip Champs!
300Icons gem Complete Time Bomb Mode in Milky Way

This could net you 1200Icons gem at the start of the game.

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What's up with Battle Tower?

Battle Tower is the second dungeon of Risky's Revenge, and is the location of the second Magic Seal. In order to gain entry, Shantae must become a citizen of Ammo Town by bringing the Deed to Scuttle Town to the Ammo Baron and receiving a Ammo Town Passport (and Activity Book).

Barracuda Joe guards the tower, and will let any citizen in for training for 20Icons gem. He keeps track of Shantae's record times an will give her the Forest Key upon her first completion.


The goal is to get to the end of the tower, through eleven floors, before the counter hits zero. Each floor contains one or more 'waves' of enemies that must be cleared in order to proceed to the next area, or is a platform section over an open pit. After each floor is a 'stairway' area leading to the floor above that has pots with powerups inside, including clocks that increase the time limit.

Timesaving tips

  • Bring along Mega Pike Ball, it is the single greatest time saver. It will slice through nearby enemies an save you the time to stop to whip them. Makes short work of the knights when they attack. Bring along Magic Fill and some Magical Vials to keep it running longest.
  • If the Super Pike Ball is activated while standing on top of a jar containing a time pick-up, the ammount of time obtained is doubled. Hitting the spell when your sprite is overlapping the jar entirely, and +10 becomes +20 and +20 becomes +40!
  • Attract Magic will save you time picking up items in the stairwell areas. It will also help liberate you from the deeply-ingrained gamer impulse to grab gems whenever you see them, which could save time too.
  • Remember if there's a second or third 'wave' of enemies on each floor and plan the battle so that you walk from end to end of the floor as few times as possible.
  • Knights are the trickiest opponents because you can only hit them in the head or when their guard is down. If you are fighting multiple Knights, try to get them to stand in the same spot so you can jump-whip them in both their heads at the same time. If there is a raised surface you can use to stand and head-whip, use that.
  • Super Silky Creme will help dispatch enemies a tad bit faster.
  • Use Monkey Bullet to cross the pit areas super fast.


  • Floor 1 - One set; Nagas/Orcs
  • Floor 2 - Two sets; both Scarecrows/Archers
  • Floor 3 - Two sets; Orcs, Mummy
  • Floor 4 - Pit and platforms; Monkey Bullet it
  • Floor 5 - Two sets; Archers/Mummy, Red Knights
  • Floor 6 - One set; Slimes
  • Floor 7 - Three sets; Nagas/Pumpkin Scarecrows, Orcs/Archers
  • Floor 8 - Pit and platforms; Monkey Bullet it
  • Floor 9 - Two sets; Archers/Nagas, Archers
  • Floor 10 - Three sets; Red Knight, Red Knights, Blue Knight
  • Final Floor - Seven sets; Slimes, Scarecrows, Nagas, Orcs, Archers, Mummies, Blue Knights


You'll win a the first time through, a the second, and then an amount of gems based on your completion time every playthrough onwards.

Post your best time in the comments if you like.


There is no boss in Battle Tower. Unlike the other members of the Barons of Sequin Land, Ammo Baron does not guard his Magic Seal in his dungeon. Instead, the seal is up for grabs for anyone who makes it to the final chamber.

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I've been tasked by the Squid Baron to find his three golden children. Where can I find them?

Spr - gbws x2
At some point in the story, Shantae will be required to find these three babies, who are hiding in underwater caves. Unlike the similar collection quest in the original game, this one is mandatory.
# Location Required Description
1 Mermaid Cliffs(???) +++ Located in an underwater cave to the bottom left.
2 Boat House Located in an underwater cave to the bottom left.
3 Polyp Bay(between save and warp) Located in a tiny underwatercave accessible through an upward-leading passage.

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I hear there are different endings. How do I get them?

The ending of Risky's Revenge does not change, but there are special images that are shown at the end based on how many items you received and how long you took.
Reward How to Unlock Spoiler
Shantae Beat the game in over 2 hours with less than 34 items. RR endgame 1
Risky Boots Beat the game in over 2 hours with all 34 items. RR endgame 2
Shantae in a bikini Complete the game in under 2 hours with less than 34 items. RR endgame 4
Rottytops Complete the game in under 3 hours with all 34 items. RR endgame 3
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Where can I find all the Heart Holders?

SRR spr - Jam x2
The Heart Holders increases the heart counters, and thus allow you to live longer. They are found in the wilderness and in caves. Bring a wide variety of items with you as you will need several kinds to get them all. See here for the exact locations.
# Location Required Description
1 Lilac Fields(1) On a high up pillar platform.
2 Tangle Forest(3b) Inside a cave.
3 Lighthouse Inside an underwater cave at the bottom to the right.

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So where can I find the Transformation Relics?

Transformation Relics grant special attack powers to Shantae when she is in the corresponding form. They are similar to Transformation Talismans from the original game.
# Name Location Required Description
1 Baron Desert(cave) In a cave (which is also in a cave), accessible by smashing a rock.
2 Baron Desert(3) ++ In a cave. Burn the roots with fire to gain access.
3 Lighthouse +++ Given by Squid Baron as a reward for returning his three babies.
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Where can I find those Magic Jams?

RR spr - jam x2
Magic Jams are trade-able for magic abilities at the Item Store. "Spreads like a dream and tastes like a blot of heaven." says the Magic Jam Lady.
# Location Required Description
1 Squid Baron Labyrinth In the second room, it's inside the wall that bisects the room.
2 Squid Baron's Labyrinth In the upper part of the dungeon there is a vertical area that has a vertical shaft at the top which a monkey can climb up to find a Magic Jam in a chest.
3 Tangled Forest(1c)
4 Tangled Forest(3b) In the tree.
5 Polyp Bay(5) Under the Mayor's Seaside Retreat.
6 Pumpkin Fields(3) Inside a cave.
7 Baron Desert(???) Just left of Ammo Baron's camp.
8 Battle Tower Awarded for beating the tower the second time. Be sure to take it from the chest before grabbing the seal!
9 Baron Desert(1) Inside a cave under a boulder in the first Baron Desert area. Use Pike Ball to flip the platforms as you land on them, or use Spitfire to hit them from the air. Other methods may work as well.
10 Baron Desert(1) At the far left of the first Baron Desert area there is one last pit that can be Monkey Bulleted over for this item.
11 Hypno Tower In a chest accessible from the room with the two eyes that control a single doorway between them, by making the left eye point up and the right one point down.
12 Polyp Bay(1) In a cave that requires a lot of monkey bulletry to navigate.
13 Hypno Tower In the magic fountain room (chest accessible from the room with the two eyes that control a single doorway between them by making the left eye point left and the right eye point right) behind a statue breakable with a bubble.
14 Lilac Fields(2) Inside a cave. Perform the stomp to destroy the barrier holding the chest up.
15 Tangled Forest(1b) Found inside a cave under a boulder.
16 Tangled Forest(1d) In a cave in the section that resembles Lilac Fields in the upper left corner of the forest. Use the Monkey Bullet and Spitfire to make your way to the chest.
17 Squid Baron's Labyrinth You can't miss the area that is partially submerged in water. Come back later with the Mermaid form ready and you'll find a Jam after passing through an underwater tunnel on the left.

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iOS achievements

The game features 26 unlockable achievements, listed below:

Ret-2-Go!: Shantae's daily grind.
Play dead!: Teach Wobble Bell a new trick
Heart of Stone!: It's OK to say no.
Speed Run the Hypno Baron's Lair: How fast can you go?
Old Moneybags: Max out your cash
Got the Touch, Got the Power!: Get all magic and upgrades
You are here!: Buy a MAP at the shop
Be the Hero!: Beat the game, more or less, in over 4 hours
Completionist!: Beat the game with all items in more than 4 hours
Speedy and Greedy!: Beat the game with all items in less than 4 hours.
Speed Runner!: Beat the game in under 2 hours.
Mighty Shantae Champ!: Earn all four endings
Cross your Heart...: Beat the game with no extra Heart Holders
Romper Stomper!: Elephant stomp 100 foes
Yakkety Yak!: Meet everyone in town once your quest begins
Pikeball Power!: Maintain any Pikeball for 2 minutes
Move Over Zeus!: Destroy 50 foes using any Storm Puff
Late night gamer!: Destroy a Druid at midnight!
Mermaid flop to victory!: Cross Polyp Bay as a Mermaid
Potions Smotions!: Beat the Final Boss without using Potions
Electric Squid!: Beat the Squid Baron using only Storm Puff.
Elephant Obliteration!: Destroy at least 4 blocks
Fire Breath!: Destroy a Dragon Head from above
And Stay Down!: Destroy the same Skeleton 6 times
Enough for Everyone: Max out your Potions
Bonfire!: Set fire to a leafy foe

Image Description
Ret-2-go!: Beat the ambush
You Are Here!: Get the map
Yakkety Yak!: Talk to all NPCs in town
Elephant Obliteration!: Stomp more than 6 blocks in a row
Speed Run the Baron's Lair!: Lab 2 speed run
Bonfire!: Burn a vine pot
Enough for Everyone!: Max out potions
Be the Hero!: See ending 1
Play Dead!: Kill the puppy
Tinkercide: Destroy all Tinkerbats in the Sunken Cavern
Old Moneybags!: Max out the gem counter
Fire Breath!: Stomp a dragon head
Heart of Stone!: Puppy denied
And Stay Down!: Kill the same skeleton 6 times
Pikeball Power!: Keep Pikeball active for 2 min
Got the Touch, Got the Power!: Own all magic and book upgrades
Late Night Gamer!: Kill a Druid at midnight
Completionist!: Seen ending 2
Electric Squid: Beat boss 1 with only electricity
Move Over Zeus!: Kill 50 enemies with lightning
Romper Stomper!: Kill 100 enemies via stomp
Potions Smotions: Beat the genie clone without using potions
Cross Your Heart!: Beat the game with no Heart Holders
Speedy and Greedy!: Seen ending 3
Speed Runner!: Seen ending 4
Might Shantae Champ!: Seen ALL endings


  • There were no achievements for the original DSi version.
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