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Sirens are a species that first appear in Shantae and the Seven Sirens and live underneath Paradise Island.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

The Seven Sirens are the members of this species that rule over the island. Most other sirens that have been shown are the army of soldiers that work for them. They can take the appearance of merfolk, as well as various forms of aquatic life. It is unknown if all male (soldier) sirens are crustacean like beings, or if are hiding their true appearance under their shell-like armor. They appear in the Flying Fortress level.

The Siren Man's Monster Card doubles the speed of the Sea frog, while the female Siren Soldier's card reduces the magic cost of the Quake Dance by 40%.


  • In ancient Greek Mythology sirens were actually partially songbirds and would sing to attract sailors into crashing their ships onto the rocky coasts of their island in order to drown them. But because of medieval artistic interpretations depicting them as more fish-like they are always confused as a species either related to merfolk or some other form of aquatic beings. While Sirens and Mermaids are a distinct species in Shantae, both species are creatures that are part aquatic life because of the modern interpretations of sirens.
    • Some similarities may stay the same such as; both mythological sirens and Shantae sirens having their own islandone of the sirens being responsible for sinking one of the NPC's ships, and being dangerous, murderous creatures, with one of the sirens being the exception. The final level being an airborne domain owned by the sirens could be a reference to how mythological sirens were flying beings but this could be coincidental.