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The Spider is a multi-legged (though not necessarily eight-legged) type of creature. They are typically present in the form of enemies that spit venom, and are often associated with the undead.

They are present in multiple forms in the series:

  • Most commonly, the term can be applied to the six-legged one-eyed venom-spitting critters that inhabit forests.
    • Additionally, a particular forest inhabited by these creatures is called the Spider Forest, as cartographers are not a particularly creative bunch when it comes to naming things.
  • The is one of the creatures Shantae can transform into thanks to her magic Bellydances.
    • Form spider

      No amount of adorable bows will hide your ickyness, missy.

      In Shantae, the form is similar to a large real-world spider. It can climb up webs and other surfaces and, with a specific Transformation Talisman, spit venom just as it's enemy counterpart.
    • In Half-Genie Hero, Spider is an optional form that can climb on ceilings. It can fire a strand of web straight up by pressing jump in midair, and reel itself up. As before, the Spider can spit venom attacks after finding a Relic. It's physiology is of the "Drider", i.e. the lady from the waist up where the animal's head should be genus of monsterology that brought us the Mermaid and the Centaur.
  • Rottytops (and other zombies) makes use of a Chit Chat Spider, a tiny creature that can send and receive information from the world-wide network via web vibrations.
  • Shantae tpc nl2

    And now the giant spider in all its spider-ish glory!

    That said, Rotty isn't on good terms with all spiders. In The Pirate's Curse she is captured in the web of a massive Chit Chat Spider called Empress Spider.