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The entrance to Spittle Maze.

Spittle Maze is the first labyrinth in The Pirate's Curse , it is located on Saliva Island and is where Shantae acquires Risky's Flintock Pistols.

In order to enter, the Petrify spell must be given to the man on Saliva Island. He will petrify himself and the combined weight of him and his beloved will cause the ground to shatter which will allow access to the labyrinth.

WetMen roam some parts of the maze, and the puzzles found here are simple switch-and-platform set-ups where Shantae must enter a cage and trigger a switch by whipping it or using the pistols. The boss of this labyrinth is the Cyclops Plant (Frighteningly Fixated Flora).

Heart Squids

  • The first Squid is seen after the first drop down. The other way is blocked by a locked door, but you can just walk through the wall to get it.
  • The second Squid can be seen while on the path to get the first key. Getting it may seem impossible, but it's a simple matter of making Shantae turn left at the right time while she's falling to get it.
  • The final Squid can be seen right after unlocking that door that was blocking the path earlier. Unlike the first one, Shantae has to crawl from the other side of the wall to get to it.

Easter Egg

After Shantae obtains the Boots, return to the Spittle Maze. In the starting room, move to the far right side and perform a sword-dash to the left. Shantae will smash through the wall and enter a new area, which is a recreation of the Dribble Fountain dungeon from the original Shantae. All the backgrounds and music are kept in their 8-bit design, though the enemies and other active sprites are still in the 3DS style. After completing this dungeon (there is no boss), Shantae will be returned to the Spittle Maze's first room. The Nostalgia Trip achievement will also be awarded.