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Squid Baron's Labyrinth is the first dungeon of Shantae: Risky's Revenge, and is the location of the first Magic Seal. In order to gain entry, Shantae must have a Tasty Meal given to her by the Chef Girl in exchange for finding Wobble Bell, and pose as a delivery person.

The biggest challenge of this labyrinth is getting around. There are multiple platforming segments over bottomless pits, and several rooms make use of blocks that Shantae has to clear out of her path in order to forge a way forward or create tile art on the labyrinth's walls.

New Abilities

Shantae gains the Monkey form in this dungeon.


Squid Baron is the boss of Squid Baron's Labyrinth. He is able to warp around the room in an attempt to drop himself on Shantae, though he is just as likely to use this power to get out of range of her hair-whip, instead. He'll also summon smaller warp squids, which will occasionally drop health, gems, or magic when Shantae defeats them. He can dash across the room in a couple of different patterns - sometimes, he'll dash only once, but he'll also bounce between the room's walls multiple times before coming to a stop. Lastly, he'll stop to take a break and heal by gouging down on a Tasty Meal.

After his defeat, the Squid Baron explodes in a huge, screen-clearing blast, and Shantae obtains the first Magic Seal.

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