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The Squid Pit is the fifth labyrinth of Shantae and the Seven Sirens and is the domain ruled over by Octo Siren. It is where Rotty/Fillin is held captive.

While other labyrinths on Siren Island are traditional dungeons, the Squid Pit shares more similarities with the Battle Tower from Risky's Revenge. Shantae is given a six-minute timer to stop the Core from overheating by hitting the release valve. To do so, she has to climb up through the pit and defeat several gauntlets of enemies, which will give her access to power sources to hit with her Spark Dance. There are also pots in these rooms which can be broken for additional time. When all eight power sources are lit up, Shantae is able to open the release valve at the bottom of the pit.

After the valve opens, the timer disappears, and a door opens at the bottom of the pit. Going through this door will lead to a short hallway, followed by Risky Boots making her final appearance as a mid-boss. She warns Shantae to stay out of her way before fleeing.

After defeating Risky, Rottytops is rescued, drops her 'Fillin' disguise, and gives Shantae the Jet Octo Fusion Coin.

With her final animal transformation, Shantae is able to reach the top door of the Squid Pit, where the Octo Siren awaits.

Heart Squids

  • Located in the second-from-the-top room on the left side of the central room. In the room with the machine powered by the Spark Dance, use the Seer Dance.
  • Located in the central room, just above the second-from-the-bottom room on the right. Requires Jet Octo.
  • Located in the central room, above the entrance to the Labyrinth. Requires the Seer Dance and Jet Octo forms.


  • The Squid Pit is the only Labyrinth in Seven Sirens without a unique theme. It uses "Water Lilly's Domain"[1] instead (as well as the "Boss Battle"[2] theme while the timer runs).
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