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The Steam Powered Oceanic Tinker Tub is Risky Boots' steam-powered steamboat/robot that can move on land on massive mechanical legs. It is the first and second last boss of Shantae: Risky's Revenge, and is more powerful and has more attacks in its second appearance.

Although Shantae destroyed the Steam Engine in the previous game, it appears that Risky and her Tinkerbats kept their notes and have figured out how to create their own steam engine for use in the Tinker Tub. As its name implies, it was built by the Tinkerbats.

After it's destruction in Risky's Revenge, Steam Powered Oceanic Tinker Tub Mark 2 replaces it in Shantae and the Pirate's Curse and is used by Risky and Shantae to travel to and from the islands and the mainland.

Boss Guide


Barrel Throw
The Tinker Tub pukes out a bouncing barrel jam packed full of explosives. It's an easy attack to dodge, but dodging is unnecessary - hitting the barrel while its still in its mouth (it hesitates a moment before spitting it) will cause the Tub damage.
Anchors Aweigh
The Tub spits out an anchor on a chain. This attack initially resembles the Barrel Throw, but you can tell it's coming when no barrel appears in its mouth. Duck!
The Tub jumps back into the water and shoots some cannon fire across the screen. The balls are evenly spaces and fairly easy to dodge. Some might contain Tinkerbats in the second battle.
The tub charges to the left. Not really an impressive attack, but it does corner you and might catch you off guard if you aren't paying attention.


The Tub is easy in either form. Simply hit it in the mouth when it gets a barrel out, and be sure to dodge its attacks. Its best to keep close to the Tub when it's on land so you can see what attack its about to use and be ready when it presents an opportunity for an attack. In its first battle three barrel hits are enough and in its second battle it takes one more hit. In its second appearance it is a little harder - after enough hits it will speed up and use more powerful versions of its attacks. Still, the strategy remains unchanged.