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Steel Maggot (Patent Pending) is the sixth boss in the Pirate's Curse. It is the boss of The Abandoned Factory.

Boss Strategy

  • Steel Maggot only tries to attack by ramming into Shantae. This can be easily avoided by using the cannon.
  • Using the cannon, trigger the three switches on its back in the correct order to make its weak point appear at the tip of its tail. If the wrong switch is hit, it will shoot projectiles and reset. Bubble Shields are highly recommended to stop its shots from hitting, otherwise just watch for the gaps in between the shots, or duck if you're on the ground.
  • After the tail is exposed and attacked, it will cover up its weak point and the switches will reset. You have to hit them in a different order after every time you get the correct order and expose the tail. Repeat this until you have dealt 400 HP damage.

The Hunk of Junk achievement is awarded when the Steel Maggot is defeated. Scrap Metal is awarded for defeating it without taking damage.