Tan Line Temple entrance
Tan Line Temple is a palace on Tan Line Island in The Pirate's Curse.

To enter, Shantae must use the X-Ray Specs on all three coffins in the desert, Sky's hatchery (courtesy of her dad), and Saliva Island and match the code with the animal symbols on the puzzle. Once inside, the servants of the temple mistake her for the long-lost princess and dress her in skimpy royal garb, taking away all of her Pirate Gear and the Magic Lamp. To get out, Shantae has to sneak past the guards roaming the temple. Getting caught results in starting over from the beginning, but if Shantae hits a switch while in the main hall, the blockade will open, lessening the penalty.

Eventually, Shantae finds Sky, Rottytops, and Risky Boots all captured and dressed in princess garbs, each with their own reason for entering the temple. Once all the girls are freed, they reach for the penultimate room and with forced teamwork pull on the giant rope. The last room has a giant statue of the princess, who happens to look nothing like them, despite the lack of resemblance, the royal advisor single humorously implies that Shantae, Risky, Sky, and Rottytops are all fat. The real princess turns up with a bag of groceries, revealed to have only been gone for thirty minutes. The royal advisor happily proclaims her return with an apology to the others and a confession that it happens a lot. Shantae gets the Golden Pickaxe, needed to advance further on Tan Line Island, and her gear back.

A Cacklebat can be found in a cage, but Shantae must retrieve the lamp first before she can absorb its Dark Magic.


The outfits that Shantae and her friends wear is similar to Princess Leia's slave outfit when Jaba the Hutt captures her.

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