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Tassel Town is a desert town that appears in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero as the game's third level. According to Risky Boots, the town was once flourishing. Centuries before the current storyline, Holly Lingerbean lived in Tassel Town, and she was loved and adored by all its citizens. Her popularity was so great that they supposedly erected statues of her. At some point the town was ravaged and brought to ruin by a sandstorm that lasted for centuries. As a result, almost all knowledge of Holly's existence vanished, and had it not been for an encounter with Wilbur, she would have surely perished. This is what presumably led to her transformation into a Memory.

Half Genie Hero

When Scuttle Town's citizens suddenly lose all their memories except those related to Holly, Shantae finds a map to Tassel Town's former location and travels to it, where she learns the truth about Holly and the town's ultimate fate.

Tassel Town consists of three areas: the desert, the tower, and the sky bridge.

The Desert

The Desert is a fairly straightforward platforming area at first. However, sandstorms will kick up in short order, and will force Shantae backwards unless she finds cover. There is also quicksand to avoid, though Shantae can easily escape from it by jumping rapidly. There are a couple of watery passageways that hold secrets here, and the ruins of Tassel Town can be seen in the distance.

The Desert is a good place to grind for money once the player has access to the Harpy transformation - there are several groups of jugs that sit on floating platforms just above the usual play area.

The Tower

The first time Shantae enters the Tower, Wilbur will appear. It's best to ignore side objectives during this initial run, and focus on reaching the top before you become a sandworm snack.

The Tower is much easier to navigate during return visits. It holds many secrets and side-rooms, usually found by navigating Mouse-form mazes or smashing Dragon Heads with the Elephant form.

The Sky Bridge

After escaping from Wilbur, Shantae will arrive at the Sky Bridge, which branches off the top of the tower. While navigating this area can be difficult the first time through, climbing to a high platform and using the Bat transformation can make the journey much easier. At the end of the Sky Bridge, Shantae will enter a second tower that leads to the boss fight with Wilbur.

Tuki has a pot set up in the third major section of the Sky Bridge.

Possible Residents

At the very beginning of Half-Genie Hero if the player speaks with the Vagabond in Scuttle Town, he will tell Shantae that his home was destroyed a long time ago by a sandstorm that lasted centuries. It is very likely that he was referring to Tassel Town.


  • The Elephant Dance (on completing the level)
  • The Spider Dance
  • Elephant Stomp
  • Mouse Bite