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The Boiler is the fourth labyrinth of Shantae and the Seven Sirens and is the domain ruled over by Angler Fish Siren. It is where Harmony is held captive.

The Boiler's primary puzzle involves seeking out codes to reveal keys to progress. Said codes are hidden in seemingly-empty rooms, and Shantae must use the Seer Dance to reveal them. This dungeon also makes heavy use of underwater passageways, as Shantae gains the Sea Frog Fusion Coin here.

Heart Squids

  • Up on a ledge at the top of a tall room. Requires Seer dance, but there are eyeball blocks that you can access with the Sea Frog to reach it from a lower part of the labyrinth.
  • Hidden in a sandy pit, two rooms away from the first Heart Squid. Requires Gastro Drill.
  • In the lowest part of the Boiler, through a maze of eyeball blocks.
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