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Shantae's gemless tiara from Half-Genie Hero.

A tiara is a type of crown. While the word has been used to refer to a wide variety of crowns throughout history, nowadays it typically refers to the type worn by female nobility, beauty pageant winners, and superheroines.

Tiaras are fairly common in Sequin Land. Shantae wears one in most of her forms, and often other genies do as well. In earlier games, the tiaras tend to have a gem in the center, but in newer designs the tiaras are featureless golden V shapes.

Interestingly, non-human creatures are also seen wearing them - Warp Squid Mothers and their , Bats, Dance Spirits, and various statues. More specifically the is the name of the final piece of the Fighter's Gear in Shantae, allowing Shantae to do a Twirl Attack.
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