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The Tree Town Chief is the father of Vera and the chief of Tree Town.


Shantae and the Seven Sirens

When Shantae visits his hut, the chief is despairing over Vera's disappearance. Shantae's dance in the Tree Town Dance Parlor reignites his sense of hope, and he gives her the key to the West Hatch. Despite referring to it as a "useless object", he hopes it will assist her.

When Shantae rescues Vera from the Coral Mine, she can talk to the Tree Town Chief and he'll give her 50 gems as thanks for his daughter's safe return.

After completing the Sea Vent Lab, the Tree Town Chief will offer to sell Shantae the Lobster Siren Monster Card. Purchasing this as soon as it is available leads to additional conversations where he discusses Vera's mother.


There is an unused track on the Seven Sirens soundtrack labeled "Tree Town Chief.[1]" It is a somber remix of the Tree Town theme, and was possibly going to play during his initial conversation where he had lost hope in seeing Vera again. However, the game uses the track "Secrets[2]" instead.