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The Tubeworm Siren, also known as the Parasite Petting Princess, is one of the Seven Sirens who resides in the Sea Vent Lab.

The Tubeworm Siren has a humanoid form from the waist up. Her body from the waist down consists of a purple mass with an extra "face" and three tubeworms that poke from the mass and act as her minions and "legs". She has light purple skin above the waist. She is the largest non-final boss siren. Just like the other five, the Tubeworm Siren appears to be Lawful Evil in alignment, only to turn Chaotic Good in one of the win screens like how the Lobster Siren is.



Shantae and the Seven Sirens

The Tubeworm Siren has two phases. During the first phase, her Tubeworms pop out to attack. Upon their defeat, she enters the battle herself. Shantae must use her turtle transformation to smash the yellow eye that fires lasers (which shake the ceiling to cause boulders to rain down). That done, the Tubeworm Siren will pop from the ground, dazed and vulnerable to attack. When the Tubeworm Siren is KO'ed, she vanishes into thin air and then rematerializes on one of the win screens, as did the first two.





  • Tubeworm Siren bares similarities to Scylla from Greek Mythology as both of them have humanoid forms above the waist but have the body of a sea monster and have serpents from their waists down. Scylla is also described as a six headed monster and if you count the purple mass she's coming out of as a part of her you'd have six heads in total.

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