Hello fellow advanced monkeys,

As people may or may not be aware here, the current admin, Selachimorpha, has been absent or very rarely active in the last months, and the Shantae Wiki is on the verge of becoming unruly, with some trolls spamming the comments with useless or aggressive content toward other users, and, only occasionally so far but that may become more common in the future, adding useless contents in pages.

I believe a Wiki, no matter which, needs a more permanent monitoring. That's why I'll postulate to adopt the Shantae Wiki at Community Central tomorrow, as per the "being active for 7 days" rule. I don't quite expect any opposition at this point, but it's just to let you users know, as this is your Wiki as well.

I want to develop this place and make room for a bigger community. Therefore, here are my postulates:

- the Shantae series is great, but the Wiki has nearly reached its limits in terms of contents for it. - there is no Wiki for WayForward Technologies, the IP's owners, at the moment. - as the flagship series for WayForward, I don't see why we couldn't develop a WayForward Wiki under this namesake. Besides, there are already pages for the Mighty! series which have actually little in common with the Shantae series.

That's right, if you understood, I want to transform the Shantae Wiki in a WayForward Technologies Wiki, while keeping the same name. This is my intention anyway. I hope this way, with the increase in scope, I'll be able to attract more contributors to this place. Because of course, as I'm not a programmer or graphics artist myself and sometimes have trouble with the more advanced wikicode, I will be more than glad to count on skilled people in these domains.

Thank you for reading.

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