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Vera is a character who appears in Shantae and the Seven Sirens. She is a Half-Genie and the daughter of the Tree Town Chief. She appears to be the only Half-Genie who wears lipstick.


Vera is protective of her hometown and would prefer to stay in hiding, but is willing to leave her village for the sake of the Half-Genie Festival. She's very polite and friendly towards the other Half-Genies, and is particularly good friends with Plink, asking specifically for her whereabouts after she's rescued.


Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Shantae initially meets Vera by the West Hatch. She tells her about Tree Town, and admits that while she and the rest of the people in her village would rather stay in hiding, she wants to participate in the Half-Genie festival with refresh magic. During the performance, Vera and her fellow Half-Genies (except for Shantae) are kidnapped and placed in cages in the Seven Sirens' dungeons by Risky Boots.

When Shantae rescues her from the Coral Mine, she gives her the Gastro Fusion Coin, which allows her to turn into a Gastro Drill. After Vera is rescued, finding her Lucky Amulet and returning it to her allows her to share her Refresh Magic with Shantae, resulting in Shantae learning the Refresh Dance.