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The entrance to the Village of Lost Souls.

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The Village of Lost Souls is an area within Mud Bog Island featured in The Pirate's Curse. Enemies that can be found within the village include Nagas, Ghosts, blue Archers, Lava Dragons, and Reapers. In order to get past the Hexer and gain access to the Village, Shantae must have the Death Mask.

At the midpoint, there is a human girl who seems to resemble Rottytops, as well as the three gamblers from the Gecko Chamber (from all the way back in the first Shantae). Once Shantae finds their lucky coins hidden through the village and consecutively beats them all at coin tosses, they will give her a Locket to show to the human girl. She will in turn give her a Hopeful Flame that Shantae can use at a bonfire to summon a mighty Warrior. He will give Shantae some Manly Musk to suck up with her Magic Lamp so she can use it to enter the next Den of Evil, the Oubliette of Suffering.

After completing the Oubliette, the Warrior will appear and give Shantae a Lost Soul before she leaves.

Strangely enough, there aren't any other human counterparts to zombies in the village of lost souls aside from Rottytops.