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Shantae visits a Warp Squid Mother.

Warp Squids are a kind of giant land-dwelling squid who excel in teleportation magic. They are generally benign, and often quite helpful, though this is not always the case.

Warp Squids have eight arms[1], can appear in any number of colors, are apparently born in litters of two or four. Despite the species name, Warp Squids do not have elongated heads and lack the two longer tentacles like regular squids - in this respect they are more similar to octopuses.

According to a resident of Scuttle Town in Risky's Revenge (one of those guys who resemble tall Tinkerbats) he was adopted and raised by Warp Squids, but never learned their warping powers.

Warp Squid Mothers

In Shantae each town has a Warp Squid mother who has lost her four babies. She will will teach Shantae a warp dance that will teleport her to that town once she has found and returned said Warp Squid's children (or any children for that matter - it's so hard to tell them apart).

Baby Warp Squids

SRR - sprite - baby warp squid icon.gif
Shantae GBC - sprite - Baby Warp Squid.gif

Warp Squid parents have a habit of losing their children - though whether this is a case of parental neglect or mischievous children with warping powers, or both, is unknown. Mother Warp Squids also have difficulty distinguishing their own children from those of other Warp Squids.

Warp Squid Statues

Spr - warp squid pillar.png

In Shantae: Risky's Revenge there are Warp Squid twins - referred to as Warp Pedestals or Warp Squid Statues in the game and manual - who will, as said above, warp her between themselves providing she's woken up their corresponding pair. These squids are all male. Though the name implies that they are made from stone, only their color is suggestive of this - they appear shiny and jiggly as regular Warp Squids.

Curiously this variety of Warp Squid has only one eye, unlike other known kinds of Warp Squids. It's possible they represent a separate breed altogether. Another theory is that each pair of twins began as a single Warp Squid, and at some stage in development split into two (like cell division), each half retaining an eye.

Squid Baron

Squid baron angry.png

In Risky's Revenge there is also a somewhat villainous Warp Squid who calls himself Squid Baron residing at Squid Baron's Labyrinth. He uses his Baby Warp Squids as weapons but, like the village Warp Squids in the first game, cares for his children and asks Shantae to help him find his missing

when they go missing.

Heart Squids


In Pirate's curse a new species of warp squid is introduced called heart squids. These oddly shaped squids are all completely red, heart-shaped, and are the same size as baby warp squids. Heart squids don't appear to have any warping capabilities, and it is unknown if an adult sized variant exists. What is known however is that four of them can be melted down to increase one's health in place of a heart holder.

Relationship to Guardian Genies

There is circumstantial evidence that Warp Squids are connected to the Guardian Genies in some way:

  1. Warp Squid Mothers and Guardian Genies are the only living beings to teach Shantae dances in the first game.
  2. SRR - trans fountain.gif
    In Shantae: Risky's Revenge, Shantae receives her transformation dances from the Dance Spirits inside Magic Fountains, which portray a warp squid surrounded by four women (presumably genies).
  3. Both genies and warp squids tend to be portrayed wearing similar tiaras.


It's possible that two abilities of real squids that effectively makes them "disappear" - squirting ink clouds and changing their skin color - inspired the idea of a teleporting squid. That said, aside from the Squid Baron and his progeny, no Warp Squid is ever seen actually warping.


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