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The Warrior is a minor character within the series, making his debut appearance in The Pirate's Curse. He is the large and very muscular man that Shantae meets in the Village of Lost Souls. Shantae summons him by lighting a campfire with a Hopeful Flame.

Having been trapped in the village for many years, the Warrior has forgotten much about his past]. When he sees Shantae and hears her name, the Warrior begins to recall some of his old memories, specifically how he once had a little girl that he had lost. In his search for her on Mud Bog Island, the Warrior "shoot gremlin, cross log" to enter the village, but was unable to leave due to the Hexer at the gate blocking access (presumably because the Warrior had died in his search and was now condemned to remain in the village). The Warrior finds himself liking Shantae for being "gutsy" and tells her that he would be proud to have her as his daughter. As a gift, he gives Shantae a wisp of his Manly Musk, which she can use to gain access to the Oubliette of Suffering while he goes to the Hexer to punch him silly and "maybe smash him with ladder".

By the time Shantae completes the labyrinth, the Warrior has finished dealing with the Hexer. With the villagers free to return to the living world (barring those that choose to stay), the Warrior tells Shantae that he will continue his search for his little girl now that his memories are returning. As a parting gift, he gives her a Lost Soul that had just arrived in the village and asks her to help him return home. The Warrior later appears in the credits montage as he, the human girl, and Wobble Bell taunt the caged Hexer while still in the village.


  • While nothing is directly mentioned in confirmation, it is implied that the Warrior may in fact be Shantae's long-lost human father, though this is kept vague due to his inability to properly remember anything.
  • He also bears heavy resemblance to the video game character Karnov. Given his descriptions of events similar to Karnov's gameplay, theme music similarity to Karnov, implied Russian accent and fixation on ladders, this is likely intentional.