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Watch Quest! (subtitled - Heroes of Time -) is an adventure/puzzle game for the Apple Watch by WayForward, released on April 24, 2015, being the first game for the system. It features characters from the Shantae series although the two universes are unrelated[citation needed], making them more like "alternate universe" versions of the same characters[citation needed].


The game is played on both the Apple Watch and the iPhone. The latter serves as a "Kingdom" where an adventurer can be recruited and equipped with items before a quest is selected. The game can then be played on the Apple Watch, where the player can choose their adventurer's path and fight enemies.

Gameplay on the Apple Watch consists mostly of waiting for events, but the player can use items in their inventory to help the game along.

  • Food - Replenishes Shantae and Bolo's Energy bar, which is required so that they don't fail mid-quest due to lack of endurance.
  • Armor - Increases defense against enemies.
  • Weapon - Increases attack power to end enemy encounters more quickly.
  • Boots - Used to speed up gameplay.
  • Pickaxe - Starts a minesweeper-like minigame that lets players dig up additional gold at any time.
  • Map - Shows quest progress.

Events that the player can interact with include:

  • Merchants - Buy food and status buff items.
  • Ruins - Players can either dismiss the ruins or solve a simple tile puzzle in order to win gold.
  • Enemies - While a player technically doesn't need to interact with battles, they can spend some gold to instantly Smite enemies that appear in Shantae and Bolo's path, which prevents them from wasting too much endurance in the encounter. Otherwise, the battle will play out automatically.
  • Fork in the Road - Players can choose which direction to head in while trying to complete quests. Mainly provides a change of scenery.
  • Falling Asleep - Shantae and Bolo can fall asleep on their journey, independent of their Energy bar. The player is required to wake them up to resume the quest.
  • Treasure Chests - Contain gold or items.

Upon successfully completing a quest, the player is awarded a large sum of gold, which can be put toward supplies for future quests.

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Watch Quest reuses a lot of assets from Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, including some that went unused in the original game.