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Water Lily's Den is the first labyrinth of Shantae and the Seven Sirens and is the domain ruled over by its namesake Siren, Water Lily Siren. It is where Plink is held captive.

The most prominent puzzle element in this labyrinth are timed switches attached to moving platforms. Shantae must move platforms into place in order to avoid falling into pits or being crushed as she makes her way through the dungeon. The other puzzle element is simply scaling the labyrinth's walls to ascend to higher rooms, which is a simple matter once Shantae acquires the Dash Newt Fusion Coin.

Heart Squids

  • Sitting on a pedestal behind the first locked door. Requires Dash Newt.
  • At the top of the dungeon's second tall room. Requires Dash Newt.
  • Tucked into an alcove during a fall from the top of the dungeon. Requires Dash Newt.
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