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Wobble Bell is the dog of the Chef Girl. In Risky's Revenge, he goes missing when he is taken by Rottytops, causing her to lose her cooking ability. Wobble Bell is found by talking to Rottytops, located in the Tangled Forest; Shantae returns him to the Chef Girl for a reward of a Tasty Meal.

After returning Wobble Bell, Shantae can hair-whip the dog, which will drop one hundred Gems for the player (a handful of the biggest ones worth 10 Gems). On iOS devices and Steam, this will unlock the "Play Dead" achievement. Notably, Wobble Bell does not reappear if Shantae leaves the house and comes back inside.

During the ending credits of The Pirate's Curse, it's revealed that Wobble Bell now resides in the Village of Lost Souls. It was speculated that it was a result of Shantae deciding to hair whip her for one hundred gems in the second game, but Matt Bozon has stated in an interview that Wobble Bell is not actually dead, only lost in the Village of Lost Souls.[1]

Although he doesn't show up proper in Half-Genie Hero, once the player helps the Chef, she'll give Shantae a Salted Caramel. She says that it's a candy for dogs, made in honor of Wobble Bell.


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